Thursday, October 9, 2008

Handmade knives from West Java

Kujang is a unique handmade knife from West Java. It made from iron, steel and ‘pamor’ material 20 to 25 cm long and weight about 300 gr.

Kujang as a symbol is reflecting sharpness and criticism power in life. These handmade knives are also symbol of power and bravery to protect rights and justice. In the old time, these handmade knives are using for weapon, farming tool, decoration (fashion or room), and even souvenir.

Not everybody use these handmade knives, only noble, priests, kings, and royal family.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Handmade Knives – ‘Kujang’

There are many kind of handmade knives from indonesia. Famous handmade traditional knives are “Kujang” from West Java, “Keris” from Java and Bali island, “Badik” from Makasar, “Rencong” from Aceh. Each of the knives has their own unique design, form, philosophy, and characteristic. Now, Kujang also became a symbol of Sundanese people.

“Kujang” as handmade knives, has a very unusual form. The knives are full of sophisticated carving that made the handmade knives looks like an animal (birds, dragon, etc.). The use of this handmade knife is for weapon in close combat fighting.

In the old time only king, royal member, noble, officer and warrior from Sundanese kingdom use to have this knife. Some of ancient “Kujang” made from precious metal such as Gold or Silver. But, just like sundanese ancient history, because lack of evidence and literature the information about this handmade knives is only base on assumption.

These days, most of these handmade knives produce only for souvenirs. Some others also use for traditional ritual, ceremony and collectors of handmade knives.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Handmade Knives from Cibatu

Cibatu handmade knives already known across country for years. Its brand is not represent a Company but a village where the blacksmiths are. Located in a remote village about 70 kilometres from capitol of west Java province, Bandung, in Indonesia. It is a village which has traditional blacksmiths. They are not only produce handmade knives, but also sword, shovel, ‘pacul’, axe, ‘golok’, tools for handyman, capenter, and farmer.

Because of the government regulation on sharp weapon possession, they use to made most of handmade knives for butcher and kicthen tools. They use traditional market distribution for selling the products. They also use traditional salesman whom brought sell them from one village to another.

The handmade knives ussually has ‘cibatu’ engraved on the knives near the handle. Low end customers like the product because cheap, reliable, sharp, and easy to sharpened.

In the village there are also craftsman. These people produce variety of handmade knives for souvenir, such as traditional knives, bayonet, samurai blade, traditional blade, spear, etc. Its products distributed around tourist center, souvenir shops, and even exported across nation.

By ABC Fam

Monday, September 8, 2008

Handmade Knives of Randall

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Randall Made Knives, usually referred to as Randall, is an American manufacturer specializing in custom handcrafted knives or handmade knives and other edged tools. Randall hand forges nearly all models of knives instead of factory stamping.

“Bo” Randall founded the company in 1938 after making knives for several years as a hobby.[1] Although “Bo” Randall originally designed his knives for sporting use and sold them at sporting goods stores, customers from the military initially provided his biggest boost in business and launched his company nationally. In the early 1940s, Randall knives significantly increased in popularity after receiving good publicity during WW II. Several noted war heroes and GIs on all fronts carried Randall knives with them into major battles.Air Force Captain Ronald Reagan, future U.S. President also owned a Randall knife in WW II.
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